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Get Started

MyShiftPlanner is a really easy to use app for shift workers.

To help you get started as quickly as possible, this video takes you through the setup wizard, explains how to set up your pattern and use the most important features of the app, such as how to add overtime and vacation.


There is so much you can do with MyShiftPlanner, but this video aims to help you become comfortable with the basics from which you can explore the other features.

Experienced Users

Customising your Shifts

This 5 minute training video shows you how to customise the shifts supplied with myShiftPlanner to better suit your job or country.
Do you have other types of shift we don’t supply? Do you call the shifts by other names (e.g. Vacation instead of Holiday)?


This video shows you how to change myShiftPlanner to do all these and more.

New Features

MyShiftPlanner v3 New Features

This video takes you through a quick tour of the new features introduced in MyShiftPlanner v3.


It shows you how to add notes to days, set up your shift start and end times, share your calendar and lots more.