MySHIFTPLANNER was created to make centrally manage shift patterns easy.
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Benefits of MySHIFTPLANNER for your Business

MySHIFTPLANNER was designed to simplify processes for both
businesses and their employees.




Keep track of Holidays

Mark all your full and half day holidays within the app

Keep track of Paydays

Staff can record when their paydays are within their app, along with their actuals and overtime

Staff Need Never Miss a Shift

Staff can easily add their assigned shifts to their phone, so need never miss a shift again

Why use MySHIFTPLANNER in your business?

  • Most people have smart phones – why not put these to good use for your business?
  • 180,000 shift workers have downloaded MySHIFTPLANNER so your own staff may already be using it!
  • MySHIFTPLANNER is free to download
  • Your teams can easily add their assigned shifts to the app
  • MySHIFTPLANNER can store worked hours to make sure payslip are correct
  • Support for on-call rotas make sure the right person is available
  • In-built tools to help your staff maintain an easy work/life balance
  • MySHIFTPLANNER is continuously developed, with great new team features added all the time
  • We offer a branding facility to suit your business

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