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Shift Workers Holidays

Shift Workers Are Not Making the Most of Their Annual Leave

Shift Workers are not taking the annual leave they are due. Do you know how much holiday you have left ...
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18.08.28 v.5.0 Birthday Offer!

It’s the 5th Birthday of My Shift Planner

It's our Birthday! We can't believe we're able to announce this. But we are celebrating the 5th Birthday of My ...
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Calendar Sync in My Shift Planner

Setting up Calendar Sync in v.5.0 Pro-Pack of My Shift Planner

Calendar sync has been one of the most requested feature updates from users of My Shift Planner. Calendar sync allows you ...
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MyShiftPlanner v.5.0

My Shift Planner Version 5.0 is HERE

This year marks our 5th birthday! We can’t believe how far we’ve come since My Shift Planner was first released ...
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18.08.20 MSP - More Built in Patterns v.4.3

Dupont and 2-2-2 Shift Patterns Built Into My Shift Planner App

One of the beauties of the My Shift Planner app is that it contains a large number of built in ...
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18.07.11 MySP v4.3 Update

Latest Update for My Shift Planner – v.4.3

We're constantly working hard to make sure the app gets better and better! In this new update, v.4.3  we've added the following: ...
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We’ve Got Out the Bug Spray! New Update for My Shift Planner

We've been doing some exterminating! Go away bugs and don't come back! The latest version of My Shift Planner, version ...
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18.06.26 MSP - SM Image - We Loved Your Reviews

Amazing 5* Reviews for My Shift Planner

We've been overwhelmed by the number of amazing reviews we've received recently for My Shift Planner. We work our hardest to ...
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My Shift Planner Team Support Stockport CP

The My Shift Planner Team were recently pleased to help out local charity, Stockport CP Society, at their stand at ...
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v.4.2.7 Update Ad

New Update – v.4.2.7 – GDPR Compliance

Another great update is now available from the MyShiftPlanner team!The New Update Version 4.2.7 is out for release on both ...
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My Shift Planner Announced as Top 100 Innovative Companies in Greater Manchester

We are delighted today that My Buzz Technologies and the My Shift Planner app have been recognised as one of the ...
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Update 4.2 – Multiple Calendars now live in the Hard Workers Pack!

Alongside the Live Sharing subscription which arrived in update 4.2 we have added a host of new features and little ...
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Superfood of the month – Pumpkin

We all have our favourite winter food we like to tuck into as the nights draw in, but could eating ...
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Live Sharing is here!

For a while now we've been promising a big update to the MyShiftPlanner app in the form of Live Sharing ...
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MySP v4-2 Launch

What’s New in MyShiftPlanner v4.2 Update

The MyShiftPlanner v4.2 update is a big update with something for everyone! It contains a number of great new features, ...
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7 Things to do on a Night Shift

The night shift is a unique work period. For plenty of shift workers, especially those involved in ongoing care, it ...
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Shift work is ruining my home life! Are you affected by the Spill-Over effect?

Occupational Psychology PhD student, Naomi Booth Wade looks at the Spill-Over-Effect –  the facts figures and reasons why shift working can ...
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Can you maintain a social and family life when you do shift work?

Social life and shift work - Is it possible to maintain the two? All shift workers know what it is ...
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Thinking of taking a job that involves shift work, night shifts or extraordinary hours? Here’s some things to look out for.

Going into shift work? Good luck! It can be a tough working experience, with long shifts, alternating patterns and unsociable ...
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Coping with Shift Work Stress

Work can be stressful. Shift work can be very stressful. But what is stress, and how can you cope with ...
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How do you survive the night shift?

Night shifts, night shifts, night shifts. Does anybody like them? Really? There’s plenty of advice available from colleagues (and the ...
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My Shift Planner download

Flexible Calendar Views in My Shift Planner Version 4 – Year View and Day Previews

The latest version of My Shift Planner, Version 4,  has a range of features, all designed to make it easier ...
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Nightshift work in midsummer – how do you manage to sleep?

It’s mid summer – on this side of the world – and that means long, hot days of sitting in ...
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Change your user profile

My Shift Planner is all about you, shift workers. We developed the app specifically to help those of you who ...
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Great Review for My Shift Planner

We pride ourselves on putting shift workers first. Which is why we always respond to feedback about My Shift Planner ...
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Android Tablet Screen 1

The Origins of My Shift Planner

The Story of My Shift Planner To mark the release of version 4.0, Chris Pimlott, creator of My Shift Planner ...
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MyShiftPlanner - v4 Advert

My Shift Planner Version 4 – New Features

This week we have released the much awaited Version 4 of My Shift Planner. The new update includes many features ...
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Living with Shift Work – the worst things shift workers have to put up with

Working shifts is hard! Shift workers know that, even if the rest of the world hasn’t got a clue. Those ...
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Why is shift working so damn hard?

Shift work is notoriously difficult. Ask any group of shift workers whether they like it, and you’ll elicit a variety ...
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MyShiftPlanner - v4 Advert

Version 4.0 of My Shift Planner – What’s new and what to look out for in the new release

The new version of My Shift Planner is coming out soon. Chris Pimlott, creator of My Shift Planner, talks to ...
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International Firefighters Day – 4th May

The fourth of May is International Firefighters’ Day. Firefighters throughout the world dedicate their lives to the protection of life ...
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Shift workers have more bad habits than most

Reports show that rates of smoking, drinking and overeating are higher among shift workers than any other working group. It ...
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Android Tablet Screen 3

Customising Your Shift Pattern

With MyShiftPlanner, you can quickly and easily change and customise your shift plan calendar, without losing essential data. Making changes ...
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Bank Holiday Season is on the way – What are the rights of shift workers?

It may seem as though Christmas was only a few weeks ago, but Easter is almost upon us. Which means ...
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Day Light Saving UK

Daylight Saving and its effects on shift workers

As the clocks go forward this Sunday we look at the effects the move to British Summer Time has on ...
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