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Working shifts can be difficult, so we created MyShiftPlanner
especially to make your life easier.

Really easy to use

  • You don’t need to be an expert
  • Colour-coded shifts on a clear designed-for-purpose calendar
  • Easy to set up and keep updated

When Am I Next Off?

  • When’s your next full weekend off?
  • What are you working on 5th August?
  • We make it really easy to find out

Manage your Shift Pattern

  • Fast and easy to add your pattern to the app
  • We support almost any type of pattern
  • Fully customisable shift types to suit your job

Available in 80 Countries Worldwide

180,000 shift workers can’t be wrong


Awesome Features

Something to help every shift worker.

Keep track of your holidays

Put your holidays into the calendar with a tap – full and half days are supported

Fully customisable shifts

Change the colour, name and times  of any shift to suit your job

Add your on-call, pay-days and training

Quickly  drop your on-call, pay days, training and overtime into the calendar

Add Notes and actuals to any day

Record your actual worked hours (normal and overtime) or notes against any day

  • “ In 25 years I’ve never got to know my partners shift patterns, which has an impact on our relationship. But now I have your amazing app! It’s on hand 24 hours a day and I can plan our life together! MyShiftPlanner is amazing and the support you’ve given has been outstanding!

    Frances, Manchester, UK
  • “ Thank you very much for your speedy support. You were extremely helpful and I’ve told others of your app. I really appreciate it sir.

    Brad, USA
  • “ Love this app 😊.

    Dianne, UK
  • “ Hey your calendar is great! It’s the only one that allows me to show all of my shifts.

    Mike, USA
  • “ Top app and thank you for keeping the app up to date 👍🏼👍🏼 got to say it’s the best one out all the ones I tried.

    Andrew, UK
  • “ This app is absolutely fantastic. I can get to see my shifts without looking at pieces of paper , that I can never find. Makes my life so much easier.

    Adam, London
  • “ Great app for the shift worker see a a glance when I’m working months in advance and keep on top of overtime and changes, would recommend to anyone.

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The only tool for shift planning

MySHIFTPLANNER is really easy to use and with 180,000+ users already enjoying MySHIFTPLANNER, its the app every shift worker should have!

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